What Kind Of Websites Do You Build?

I build Content Management System (CMS) websites.  I will provide you with a website that, entirely through your browser, will allow you to create, edit and remove content from your site.  There are several CMS programs available, I will help you to chose the best one for your needs and technical expertise.

If you can type and get online, you will be able to manage most of your websites content on your own.  Not only does this save you a great deal of money, it also allows you to keep your site fresh and up to date at all times.  During the site construction, and for one year after it's completion, I will make myself available to ensure that you completely understand how to operate your website.

If you'd like to learn more, please use the Contact page on this site.

Will I Be Happy With The Site You Build Me?

Yes.  Your site will not go live until you are happy with what you are getting.  If you are unhappy with the look or layout of your site, it will be changed... simple.

During the construction of your site there will be several milestones at which point you will be asked to sign off on aspects of your site.  At each juncture you will be presented with several options and, if not are up to your standards, we will not move to the next step.  To date I've never had a client who wasn't happy with their finished product.  I will always go the extra mile to make sure you're in love with your site.


Are You A Human Copy Of Photoshop For Me To Use?

Many people approach the process of having a site built as if the designer were nothing more than voice activated software.   If this is how you wish to build your site, I'm happy to do it; but your site will be vastly inferior to the one that I can help you to build if we work together.

Just like any other profession, web developers spend years learning and honing their craft.  When I give a recommendation it is rarely based upon personal opinion, and if it is I'll inform you. My recommendations are based on hard-earned experience and massive amounts of education time.  A good web developer has read books,  perused thousands of web articles and tutorials, attended seminars, spent years in school and worked over the same issues dozens of times before.  It is never my objective to push my own vision onto a client, rather I strive to use my experience to build a site with you that will help you to reach your goals.

Why Aren't You As Cheap As (Insert Local High School Student)?

When my wife and I were in our first house we had a terrible time with lawn-care.  We were both busy with new careers and so decided to hire a lawn care service.  Our first hire was the teen-aged son of a friend who lived nearby.  He was a very nice young man, but managed to almost destroy our lawn with amazing efficiency.  After one month our lawn was more than half dead.  It took a professional service to bring our lawn back to respectable health.  After a few months they'd managed to make our lawn one of the nicest in the neighborhood.

Your website has the same effect on your business that a lawn has on a house.  Prospective home buyers will form an instant opinion of a house due to the landscaping around it.  An ugly or difficult website is like dead grass; your potential customers can form a negative opinion without ever visiting your physical location.

If you'd like to know more about what it is that separates a professional site from something that's just cheap, use the Contact page on this site.  I'm always happy to help.

How Much Will This Cost?

That is the million-dollar-question.  Each project has too many variables to create a simple calculation.  Use the Contact page on this site to tell me a little bit about your needs and I'll be happy to provide an estimate for you.

The answer, fortunately  will never be a million dollars.  There are many options available to you and, if your budget can't accommodate a professional developer, I'll be happy to help you choose a lower quality option from another provider.  As always, even if you don't use my services, I'm happy to help.

Do You Provide Discounts?

To be direct: I do not.  I do, however, regularly donate my time to non-profit and charity groups with whose directives I agree.   It has been my experience that a client who is receiving discounted time feels just as entitled as one who is paying full price.  Unfortunately, I cannot afford to put full price clients behind discount ones...

To this end, if I choose to support your organization, I donate my time and services.  If you would like to discuss your non-profit or charity groups website or other need, please use the Contact page on this site to let me know.

How Long Will My Website Take?

Every website has it's own unique timeline.  However, in my experience, the site completion date is defined by the client's ability to provide content.

During the course of building a new website content must be created for every page.  This is a time consuming process and, while I'm happy to revise and edit, largely falls upon the client and/or a designated person familiar with the clients field.

It doesn't happen every time, but usually the site is designed and ready before the content has been completed.

How Will I Be Billed?

Each client has different needs and I attempt to tailor the billing process to their needs.  Some clients pay on a monthly basis, some annually.  Some clients choose to pay once and then manage the upkeep and maintenance of their own website.  Whatever I can do to make your site work for you, rest assured that it will be done.